A Transformational Women’s Medicine Retreat in Machu Picchu

  • “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

    This 10 day journey will awaken your spirit, ignite your power and open your heart to love and abundance

  • About

    Live the life you were meant to live

    What is "Alive and Awake?"

    When women unleash their inner power, reveal their authentic self and open their hearts, they become awakened. It is through the power of awakened women living their full potential that we will create the harmony and peace that this world needs to thrive.


    This power lives inside of us, however, most women do not ever tap into it. As children, we subconsciously absorb messages that we are flawed, that we are not good enough, and the solution is to look externally for things to make us feel validated. We are socialized at a very young age to chase the wrong things, and if only we had the right clothes, looks, partner or job that finally we will find the love, acceptance and peace we seek.


    But no matter how hard you work on the outside, you will only continue running on a never-ending hamster wheel. The key is looking inside - stripping away the negative storylines, defense mechanisms and blockages buried deep in your psyche that are stopping you from living your full potential. There is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be - and the intention behind this retreat is to close that gap - to create alignment.


    Conventional methods for identifying these internally conflicted parts can require months or years of therapy, but that still only tackles the conscious level. To really create transformational shifts, we need to go deeper - into the subconscious.


    Through years of research and experience testing various healing modalities and spiritual ceremonies, we have pioneered a new method.


    We harness the power of ancient plant medicine combined with deep integration work to help women dive deep into their subconscious to surrender the ego and awaken the light and power within.

  • Invitation

    You've been Chosen

    There’s no such thing as coincidence.

    You are here because something inside of you is curious about change - to make a shift so that you can manifest the life and love you deeply desire. That voice may be a mere whisper, but it’s there.​

    Are you ready to enter the next chapter of your life? To be inspired and awakened? This 10 day journey will help you:

    • Open your heart to give and receive love and abundance

    • Clear old blockages buried deep in your subconscious

    • Create clarity on your life’s mission and passion

    • Connect your heart and your mind so that you can tap into your intuition and feminine brilliance

    • Deepen your connection with sisterhood

  • Experience

    Dates: April 3rd - 13th, 2018

    10 days in Peru.

    What's Included

    • Sacred medicine ceremonies led by a master shaman

    • Excursions to ancient sacred sites, shopping and tours of local markets and towns

    • Closing ritual at Machu Picchu

    • Exploration of the local art and culture

    • Yoga and meditation

    • 1-1 Coaching sessions and group calls

    • Accommodations in the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and Cuzco

    • Support - As you experience the magic and power of ancient shamanic traditions, two guides will hold space and support you through the journey

    *Flights are not included

    The Journey

    The journey is made up of three distinct phases: Preparation, Adventure, and Integration.


    Phase One: Preparation

    A month prior to the retreat, we will guide you through an intention-setting and an inquiry process. This preparation will help reveal your desires and true potential as well as any current blockages holding you back. This phase includes:

    • A one-on-one, 60-minute coaching call with Kim

    • Group kick-off calls to connect with your new sisters

    • Weekly self-inquiry process

    • Valuable resources including documentaries and reading to inspire

    • Logistical support to help you prepare for your trip


    Phase Two: Adventure

    And so it begins. You will leave this trip a different version of yourself - with new perspectives, strength and empowerment so you live life to your full potential

    • 7 nights at Paz Y Luz spiritual retreat center in the Sacred Valley

    • 2 nights at a hotel in Machu Picchu

    • 1 night of decadent cuisine and accommodations in Cuzco

    • 7 excursions to ancient ruins, thriving markets, and amazing towns

    • The heart of awakening, healing and transformation: Ayahuasca and San Pedro. While staying at the Paz Y Luz retreat center for 7 days, we will be engaging with the most powerful shamanic plant medicines in the world. These experiences are at the heart of your accelerated healing and awakening. You will have the opportunity to participate in up to 3 ceremonies on our trip, 1 San Pedro and 2 Ayahuasca.


    Phase Three: Integration

    Returning home - insight, integration, action. Upon arriving home, you will begin a process of integration with full support to nurture the process:

    • A one-on-one, 60-minute integration coaching calls with Kim or Aniko

    • Two group salon calls (10 days and 30 days after the retreat)

    • Supplementary resources including documentaries and book suggestions

    • Weekly integration tips

    Due to the intimate nature of this trip, there are only 10 spots available. If you’re feeling curious about creating a shift in your life, contact us for more information.

  • Team

    Over 10 years experience ...

    Kim’s Story


    As a successful Fashion model I had it all. The career, money, fame and a loving partner, however, I noticed I was ‘running’ the same patterns that inhibited my growth and evolution as a person and a woman. In 2007 I participated in my first ayahuasca retreat in Peru and experienced heart opening transformation on the deepest level. In addition I dedicated myself to learning the skills, (EFT, NLP, Ayurveda and Kundalini yoga) that I needed to support other women to make the same life awakening journey I did. Since 2011, I have been co-leading groups to Peru’s Sacred Valley, to work with the best ayahuascero in the Andes, experience the grandeur of Machu Picchu, and awaken their soul’s song. Learn more here.

    Aniko's Story

    ​Community and Experience Curator

    After spending five years in a toxic and unhealthy relationship, followed by a particularly devastating breakup, I was at the end of my rope. I didn't think I would ever be happy again and I was completely lost. I tried therapy, coaching, you name it. It was only after a very powerful medicine ceremony that I found my way. On my journey of finding sisterhood and a clear purpose, I went from depression to feeling fully alive and lit up. Seeing my own transformation made me realize the power of healing, especially with the context and support of sisterhood. As a Community and Experience Curator as well as a Women Circle's Facilitator, I want to empower other women to lead the life they were meant to live.

  • Word

    Praise from Sisters

    Nisha Moodley

    Women's Leadership Coach

    "The world is aching for women to step into our embodied power, accessing and sourcing from a place of deep love and courage. Kim is beautifully positioned to support your growth in this space. She acted as a midwife to my heart, as I've grown into my own embodiment, power and self-love. In her presence, I've always felt safe to express anything that's on my heart and mind, and held in my growth." - 2013 Retreat

    Jena La Flamme


    When I participated in the 2012 retreat, despite all my great achievements, I carried a sense of inadequacy. Privately, I felt like I was never enough. The structure of the retreat, including the shaman's facilitation, allowed me to let go of this self doubt at a root level. Sinec then, I feel kinder, more loving and more peaceful. I have a more conscious relationship with the shadow side of myself. As a result, I feel more capable of giving my gifts to the world, and joyfully receibing all that life has to offer." - 2012 Retreat


    Writer/Book Coach

    Honestly, the first time I heard about Ayahuasca, I thought it sounded crazy and out there. I was afraid to tell people what I was doing in Peru. But I feel like sitting through 4 sacred ceremonies with my sisters and a gifted shaman was the equivalent of 10 years of intensive therapy. I even told my therapist all about my journey, and we completed our time together shortly after the trip. She was amazed at my transformation. The trip was worth every penny and so much more. My life is more satisfying and rich and I am forever grateful to all the guides and the medicine. And it was so much fun! My Peru sisters feel like sisters for life. We all went through such an intense experience together and that kind of love and support is not easily found on other types of retreats. Plus, Peru is a beautiful country so fill of loving people and such a safe space for growth."